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About Us

A1 Oil has been in business since 1978 with a strong tradition of providing expert care to our customers. For generations, homeowners and businesses have trusted A1 Oil with their heating oil and service needs, relying on our professional delivery personnel, experienced service technicians and strong office support to keep their homes and businesses warm and safe.

A1 Oil provides all the benefits of a “Full Service Company”, including automatic delivery, oil price protection programs, tank guard protection and 24 hour burner service.

An emergency service team is available for A1 Oil customers 24 hours a day for any problem that should arise. Experienced service technicians using state-of-the-art technology are available to promptly service your needs. As a full service company, A1 Oil sells, installs, services and maintains all types of burners, heaters, boilers and air conditioning systems.

Our employees are trained to provide quality service, from our office staff to our delivery drivers. Even in the worst road conditions, our skilled delivery drivers are able to safely reach you and ensure a warm home for your family.

In today’s world, A1 Oil also understands your family’s concerns with unexpected high heating and cooling bills during extreme weather conditions. To help alleviate these worries, we offer budget plans for set payments throughout the year as well as Senior Discounts, Volume Discounts and Capped pricing oil contracts. Also available are Contracts priced for three different tiers of Service customized to fit your needs.

A1 Oil prides itself on its philosophy of supplying its customers with the reliability, courtesy and professionalism that they expect along with stress free prompt oil delivery and exceptional services at the low cost they deserve.